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Solution-4-2 UG in Solingen

We are the proud owners of an Arbeitnehmerüberlassungserlaubnis (employee transfer permit). The Bundesagentur für Arbeit only grants this permit to companies that meet the strict requirements of the regulations and laws that apply to the temporary placement and payrolling of staff in Germany. In this process, above-mentioned authority checks whether we fully abide by the stipulations of the temporary employment contracts, whether we stick to what has been laid down in the collective agreements, the hirer’s remuneration (including international ones), whether we pay the correct amount of wages, whether we file our taxes correctly, and reservations. Should any irregularities or mistakes be spotted, the Erlaubnis (permit) will not be granted.

For many employees, reading an employment contract once will suffice to quickly understand what salary an individual will be paid. Various salary portals are available too, so one can easily find out what levels of salaries are most common in a certain line of business. However, in some lines of business, salaries are determined by a salary scale. This applies to any situation in which a collective agreement, a so-called “Tarifvertrag”, exists. In situations like these, an employee is placed on an appropriate salary scale, a so-called “Entgeltgruppe”. As a result, the employee will be paid the salary he/she is entitled to.

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