Payroll Service Germany

Solution-4-2 UG is specialized in payroll services in Germany. In case of payrolling, the employee is transferred to Solution-4-2 UG who will see to it that the former will be paid in accordance with the details of your contract, unless these details come into conflict with the German collective agreements for temporary employment.

This way, Solution-4-2 UG becomes the employer from a legal point of view, and takes on your entire administrative burden. Thus, you will be able to profit from the advantages of using our permit for temporary employment and our extensive expertise.


Let us assume you have a German employee in mind who will perform work for you in/from Germany. Or you have a client in Germany and the people at your disposal to execute an assignment but you do not possess a permit for temporary employment and you are not familiar with the German laws and regulations. Unfortunately, you cannot accept the employee or the assignment. In these examples, Payrolling offers a solution. The German authorities are very strict as to complying with the regulations one must meet.

Should any details be incorrect, a fine will be given and its amount will be considerable.

The way we work

If you decide to use our services, we will need you to provide us with several details.

First, we will discuss the assignment and the client in order to check whether temporary placement / payrolling is allowed. Second, we will discuss details concerning your employee and his salary as well as the duration of his assignment. We will come to an agreement on the compensation and as soon as these agreements have been laid down, we will be able to start putting them into practice.

Your advantages

A collaboration with Solution-4-2 UG will be advantageous for you.

  • All activities concerning salary bookkeeping will be done by us on your behalf;
  • We will take care of salary calculations, salary payments and file taxes on your behalf;

  • We will draw up contracts and other documents on your behalf;
  • In case we will invoice your client, you will invoice us your profit margin;
  • We work together with a factoring company so you will always be assured of receiving your payment;
  • Thus, you can concentrate on doing business in Germany without any additional worries.